Images of Colombia - Places 3.

Evening Stroll Isla Playa Blanca Beach 

Colombia S.A DSC_9106

Pre Colombia Mother & Child Statue 

Chia Cundinamarca Colombia S.A  DSC_1213b

 Gorgona Island Beach Colombia PSP4797

View Across Betania Reservoir to Andes Mountains DSC_8530 

Cafés Town Square ChiaColombia S.A DSC_1207b 

Working Bamboo Plantation Parque del Cafe Colombia DSC_7982

Evening at Laguna Tomine  Colombia S.A DSC_8977

Cocora National Park 

Wax Palms & Cow Grazing DSC_8163

Chia Town Church Christmas Lights Colombia PSP2127b 

PSP2255 Hills Surrounding Finca de Dios Villeta Colombia