Images of Colombia - Places 2.

Posos Azules (Blue Lakes) Near Villa de Leyva Colombia PSP2540 

Landscaped Garden Parque del Café 

Colombia S.A  DSC_7956

 Tilapia Fish Farm Betania Reservoir Huila IMGP2084

Old Spanish Fortifications Cartagena Colombia S.A DSC_9052 

Cross & View over Cartagena from La Popa  DSC_9071

DSC_8091 River Near Cocora

Woman Buying Heliconias at Paloquemao Flower Market 

Bogota Colombia S.A IMGP1256

PSP2750 Maloka Centre Bogota

Tourist Launch returning from Isla Playa Blanca 

to Cartagena Colombia S.A DSC_9157 

Escalators in a Bogota Shopping Mall DSC_1660

Tourists, Wax Palms Valle de Cocora

Cocora National Park Colombia S.A  DSC_8156