Images of Colombia - Places 1.

Fishing Boats Betania Reservoir Huila Colombia S.A DSC_8267

Horses Suesca PSP2375 

Hammock Isla Playa Blanca Caribbean 

Colombia S.A  DSC_9158

Cartagena Town Square Colourful Colonial Architecture FAM0092

Sula granti  Isla Malpelo Nature Reserve Colombia PSP 5220

Statue of Angel Salt Cathedral Colombia S.A DSC_7829

Eroded Rock Formations Tatacoa Desert 

Colombia S.A DSC_8318 

 Cascades nr Santa Sophia Boyaca PSP1872

Cajamarca Church Colombia S.A  DSC_7898

High Rise Offices Santa Fe de Bogota Colombia S.A  DSC1645

'The Kiss' Overlooking Bogota City at Dusk 

Colombia S.A  DSC_8874

Palms at Sunset Bogota Botanic Gardens Colombia S.A 18112PS