About Us

We have been supplying images and articles mainly to  gardening book and magazine publishers for  over 25 years.                                            
  • Clients include: Cassell, Collins, Brown & Bigelow, Bauer,   R.H.S Publishing, Abbeydale Press, Worthing Borough Council, Knickerbocker Press, Workman, Ogrody (Poland) etc.

  • Our commissions include the photography for 2 books on Alpine plants, one on cacti and the most recent was a book titled 'The Beginner's Guide to Bonsai' containing full page studio portraits of specimen Bonsai and step by step series of how to do  it photographs.

  • A departure from my normal photography was a five month commission by the Colombian Navy  to photograph the personnel, ships, helicopters, planes, aerial views of the Pacific coastline and flora and fauna of the region around Malaga. This was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the base's construction.

  • The following pages only show a representative selection of low resolution sample images, these being taken from the many thousands of pictures kept on file. Please contact us for more information.

All images are the copyright of Peter Stiles except where stated. They are digital and can generally be supplied  by email or ftp the same day as requested.
Consisting of thousands of high quality images taken  in the UK and Colombia, the photographs supplied by Peter Stiles are ideal for publishers and other businesses  needing stock or commissioned images.

Available by return email, the images are Abobe Photoshop corrected where necessary and ready for print.  Subjects covered include plants, flowers, gardens, UK views, animals, insects, Guernsey, Colombia, military, editorial etc.

Commissioned photography undertaken for most subjects especially Landscapes, Plants, Flowers, Gardening subjects and in Colombia.

Phyteuma comosum 00436PS

Crocus biflorus Adamii 00131PS

Astrophytum asterias Spineless Cactus 01600PS

Rhododendron obtusum amoenum Azalea Bonsai 09063PS

Epiphyllum 'Discovery' Epiphytic Cactus 01745PS

Pulsatilla vulgaris ssp Grandis 00498PS

Chaenomeles speciosa 'Moerloosii' 17759PS 
Helicopter Gunner Colombia PSP1417

Colombian Marines leaving landing craft PSP1978

Colombian Special Forces Bahia Malaga PSP1426

Colombian Navy Coastguards High Speed Launch PSP8803

Naval Full Dress Ceremony Malaga Colombia PSP4362